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Tirumala temple replica to be built at Amaravati.

Posted by on August 27, 2018
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AMARAVATI: TTD is going to construct a replica of Tirumala Venkateswara temple in AP capital Amaravati soon. This temple is going to be built with the same architecture of Tirumala and will be built completely with stone on the shores of Krishna river in 25 acres of land.

The TTD officials have given the temple design to CM Chandrababu on Thursday and he formally approved the design. The temple will be built in two years. Naidu suggested that the inside and outside structures in the temple should have an ancient look.

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The designs for new temple have been made as per Agama and Vastu sastras. The temple consisting of Garbhalayam with Vimana or Sikhara, named as ‘Prasada’ by Agamas and Vastu sastras is worshipped as a symbolic form of God. The officials said that they designed the temple by taking inspiration from the Pallava, Chola, Chalukya and Vijayanagara style. The architecture and sculptures of the proposed temple plans have been prepared in accordance with the Kasyapa Silpasastram, Mayamathamu and Maanasaramu.

tirumala replica amaravati ttd2

Kailasanatha and the Vaikunta Perumal temples were built as per the Pallava architecture, where as Tanjore and Gangaikonda Cholapuram in Tiruchurapalle district,were built as per Chola architecture. The Chalukya architecture include Lord Vishnu temple in Badami, A ihole and the Vijayanagara architecture includes the great temples of Hazararama and Vittala at Hampi built in the Krishnadevaraya reign of 1509-50 AD.

Source: Times of India