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Amaravati central park, one of the world’s largest to be built in Amaravati.

Posted by on June 25, 2018
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Amaravati central park
Amaravati: The Amaravati Central Park  in 300 acres will be one of the World’s largest ‘Central Park’ built till date and hence will provide the boost to the development of the city and also as per the estimated Population by 2050 for the City the Park is going to have a huge footfall.

Amaravati Central Park is the most important landmark in the Capital City and only one of the Parks of its type, as seen from the above ‘Master Plan’. The Park lies at the bottom of the Central Government Complex, hosts a reservoir, also is in direct access connectivity with priority roads.

On the ‘Master Plan’, the site is of strategic importance as the culminating point of important Government axis, housing important State buildings. It is surrounded by various land uses ranging from commercial, residential, institutional as well as other active and passive greens. ‘ADCL’ has put forth this area under the category of active recreational land use for
The ‘Amaravati Central Park’ envisioned at in Amaravati Capital Region shall have the following proposed Project Components to be developed on PPP Mode.

  • Wilderness  Park with ‘Nakshatra Vanam’; ‘Raashi Vanam’; ‘Navagraha Vanam’; ‘Bird Park’; and ‘Ethnic Food Court’ etc in 20 Acres.
  • Amusement  &  Entertainment  Park  with an array of innovative & unique Amusement and Entertainment concepts; ‘Aqua Park’ such as Water World, Wet& Wild etc.; World-class Dry Rides & Adventure Zones; Animated Shows; MultiDimensional Simulations & VR Games; Fairy Tales & Action Shows such as Disney, Universal, Warner’s Theme Parks etc. in  30 Acres.
  • Children’s  Adventure  Park  with Fun & Entertainment Zones along with Snow World; Dry (Rock) Skiing Activities; Camping with World-class Tented Accommodations; and ‘Pets Park’ etc in 15 Acres.
  • Family Entertainment Center (FEC) with Mall, Multiplex & Food Court etc., along with Multi-level Parking Complex in 2 Acres.
  • Family Entertainment Center  (FEC) with ‘Indian Cinema Pavilion’ with Themes of Bollywood, Tollywood…. etc.; Mall & Food Court along with Multi-level Parking Complex in 2 Acres.
  • Sports  &  Recreation  Arena  with Indoor & Outdoor Gymnasium; Wellness Center with Nature-cure, Yoga & Meditation Centers; ‘Organic Food Court’ etc. in 6 Acres.
  • Eco‐Resort with Wellness Center & Health Spa with Nature-cure, Yoga & Meditation Centers etc. in 10 Acres.
  • Five Star Eco‐Hotel   with applicable specifications and guest facilities & amenities etc. in 4 Acres.
  • Four Star Eco‐Hotel   with applicable specifications and guest facilities & amenities etc. in 2 Acres.
  • Three Star Eco‐Hotel   with applicable specifications and guest facilities & amenities etc. in 1 Acre.
  • Boating & Water Sports with World-class Water Fleet, Floating Restaurant etc., as part of 52-Acre Lake.
  • Amphitheater with Mega LED Wall for Digital Experience etc. in 5 acres.